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Year Six: Just for Kicks! :)

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 03/06/2019 - 10:37


After another quiet year in Miami, I've produced a few new works, and had some fun. How has your last year gone?

I am now working with Zeynep Sen of Word|Link literary agency to place Astrotripping with a publisher!

In other news, I made some virtual reality (VR) videos! If you have a headset, you can watch these in stereoscopic 3D. Otherwise, you can still navigate manually.

Also, I made this 3D animation of the solar system:

And these 3D music videos:



I made new 3D games:

And I started a wiki for rhinosinusitis (stuffy nose):

Also, I wrote a series of adventure articles for Mud Tribe:

You can see this message at Worlds O Wisdom (WOW), where I also post further news.

Have a wonderful year!



Top 5 Ways to Travel Adventurously and Save Money

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 12/17/2018 - 15:34

Have you ever dreamt of a tropical getaway or other vacation, and wanted to do so uniquely? Here are the top five ways you can travel adventurously, all while saving money.

1. Airbnb

Start traveling differently the easy way, by booking a place at Airbnb. You can find unusual accommodations all over the planet, including treehouses! To get you going, here is a coupon for a free $40 on your first booking.

Pink Pearl Island-1

2. Couchsurfing

After you have your feet wet, feel free to go Couchsurfing! Here, people open their homes to visitors. Stay at farms, co-ops, and more. Remember that this is a cultural exchange, so get to know your hosts, and share something of your own. You may want to open your own home!

3. Camping

For greater freedom, consider camping! Just take a tent and sleeping gear, and any other equipment you want. Campgrounds are easy to find, and gorgeous. These usually offer fun activities like hiking and swimming.

4. Bicycling

If you want to travel more closely to the ground and meet the people in the places you visit, while getting a workout, consider biking. It's extremely affordable, and you can even carry camping gear. A hospitality exchange exclusively for bicycle tourers is Warm Showers.

5. Hitchhiking

If you want to go faster, farther, and meet different people, then hitchhiking is for you! For tips and tricks to learn how, visit the Hitchhiker's guide to hitchhiking.