Recent Reading: Why I Write: Timothy Ferris on Writing to Learn

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 02/16/2015 - 22:28

Why I Write: Timothy Ferris on Writing to Learn

You also create. You're trying to make something original, beautiful, and true.

It's hard work. You're on your own, confronted with a blank page and the fathomless resources of language. Almost anything can be achieved on that page, from enlightening and exciting your readers to baffling and frustrating them. Artists working in other media may make excuses about tight budgets or bad sound or how the soprano had the flu, but writers have nowhere to hide. They get all the credit or all the blame. It's a tough gig, but if you pull it off, it can set you free.


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Just a quick update on the road... Now riding along the Gulf of Mexico!
Anyone know anyone going to New Orleans for the weekend? If so, send me a message...
More later!