Submitted by eagle on Wed, 09/02/2015 - 23:25

After listening to some classic rock 'n' roll in a McDonald's under an American flag while motorcycles and trucks go by, time to head up the Mississippi River to St. Louis, Missouri, USA! :)
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

By 'n' By

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 08/30/2015 - 23:18

This morning, went to the cafe in Olive Branch, Illinois. They didn't have wifi, so I figured I'd keep on going for a little while. Shortly after starting to ride, the tube under the shredded tire, now in front, goes flat. After several valiant attempts, I got rolling again. Not long after, the spare goes too. The shredded tire wasn't holding. Tried a few bandaid repairs, could do a few miles at a time. Went through all my remaining tubes. Finally, right after the last one went, a pickup truck pulled over. Driver offered me a ride.
The farmer, an avid cyclist himself, drove me over to Missouri. Not how I expected to cross into the state! He dropped me off at a Walmart, where I got a new tire and tube. Bike should be good to go again!
Then walked over to the McDonald's. A really sweet mom and daughter came over, got me a meal, and we talked.
Now figuring out where I am and where to go next...
Rock & Roll!!! :)

Memphis to Cairo!

Submitted by eagle on Sat, 08/29/2015 - 18:12

Today I crossed the bridge from Kentucky into Illinois. Riding from Memphis, Tennessee to Cairo, Illinois, I could almost be in Egypt! :)
Last night, on the Kentucky side of the Mississippi River, I found a quiet place to camp just outside of town. As I was settling in, a couple of country fellows pulled up on ATVs. We talked a little while, I told them of my travels, they told me of people who go by on canoe or kayak on the river. They'd presumed that was what I was doing, because the creek next to which I camped feeds directly into the mighty river. We parted ways, and I finished setting up camp.
As I lay half-asleep, I heard a vehicle pull up, and my name being called. They had come back, and woke me up with a treat: a full dinner, consisting of hot pork chop sandwich, mac 'n' cheese, corn on the cob, corn bread, and cold water. What a way to camp!
Today, I rode through the last small town on the Kentucky side. Stopping in at a gas station, I asked the cigarette-smoking attendant if they had any wifi. "wi-what?"
In the parking lot outside, as I got ready to ride out, another cyclist came riding in. We stopped and chatted a little while, then I made my way across the big bridge, in heavy traffic.
In one of the smaller towns back in Tennessee, a woman gave directions with respect to "Walmark"!
Yesterday, while riding, my rear tire finally got torn bare to the point where the tube wasn't holding up. I switched the front and back tires, then later put in a new tube, in a series of roadside repairs. Along the way, meeting lots of friendly folks, and seeing some incredible scenery. The forests here are very green and fresh and beautiful.
Now recharging a bit, before heading on towards St. Louis!
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)