The New Way

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Shirah sat by the poolside, her long legs dipping in and out of the water. Next to her, Delphine, who had the same gorgeous blonde hair, luxuriated naked in the sun.

"Great idea for the dip," Shirah half-whispers, through rose red lips.

A gentle yet intelligible moan emits from Delphine, simultaneously signaling her agreement and her enjoyment.

In the pool, several other lithe soft bodies swim gracefully through the tranquil waters. Sunshine glistens off perfectly peach soft skin.

"Say," says Shirah, eying one of the swimmers suggestively. "Think she's up for three?"

Delphine latches on quickly. "Is she? Let me estimate that," pausing to think. "I'd give it a Gaussian double, tops."

"All right, let's go!"

Shirah slips off the ledge of the pool, so delicately that it's imperceptible whether she glides or dives. Sinking rapidly like a seal, she missiles underwater then reemerges in the fresh summer. A glorious shake of the head sends drops of water flying off in all directions, refracting subtle rainbows of light onto her artfully crafted face. She smiles.

In the pool melee, a gaggle of girls are playing a round of full contact keep away, the yellow ball popping in and out of enclosing breasts, legs, bellies, and thighs. One of the girls, Galliana, a tall and leggy blonde, feels the slightest brushstroke up against the small of her back. She turns.

"Oh. Hey, you," she whispers seductively. "Wanna play?"

Shirah lets a lean and delicate hand run up and along Galliana's firm breast, touching the nipple.

"Yeah, sure I do."

Galliana's legs part, almost as if by command. She moans in pleasure, as Shirah's hand curves around her side, then returns down her soft body.

As the two separate themselves from the keep away game, embracing in a passionate, wet kiss, Delphine seamlessly joins them. They tangle harmoniously.

Then, slowly emerging from the pool, the sun dries off their wet bodies, and like the clock struck twelve they're out and ready to move into the group activity chamber, although still naked.

"So," says Shirah, expressing to Delphine with a polite face that she knew her rightness all along. "Shall we proceed?"

"Of course," giggles Delphine, "let's dive right into this."

"Bring me up to speed," adds Galliana. "What's the situation here?"

"Well," answers Delphine, "we've got a toughy, it's going to call for all the cohesion and unity we can muster, as well as some artistic skill and of course no shortage of technical accuracy."

"This is the Reynkamp room?"

"Right. We're trying to modify the structure in such a way as to maintain the balance of ecocultural pressures while adding a new dance zone. It will increase the popularity and success of the place, while ensuring safety. What do you think?"

"Well I know some of the girls in Deltane are really up on their tech game, we can bring them on from the outside while we focus on the core issues and glitter."


"Let's break," chimes in Shirah. The three of them hug each other, kiss on it, then head back out.

At the pool area, as if by unheard voices, the game girls climb out of the pool. Their dripping nakedness carries beautiful water and light out into the air. One of them, Genessy, walks over to the cook surface, her blonde hair dancing happily behind her.

"Who wants to pound back some burritos and beer?"

"Is that even a question?"

"Let's zap it!"

Rolling out a dozen burros like a seasoned pro, she hands out the round monsters while Alecka, another blonde bombshell, carries ice cold brews to all the other girls.

"Here's to the new way," toasts Marguerray.

"To the new way!"

In the hot tub later, in a steamy muliparty sex orgy, Genessy makes the cunning point: "It's important to have lots of sex. It's fun and great for overall health!"