The Cage of Eden

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Harry the snake loses his legs.

Harry the snake walked peacefully along the pristine earth.

A mean old man put up some fences, and called Harry's home a "garden."

The mean old man put one of his playthings, arrogantly made to resemble himself, in the cage. He made the plaything boss over everything else in the cage, including the snake.

To make matters worse, he made a second plaything to look like himself.

The mean old man was a trickster. He told a plaything not to eat fruit from the most valuable tree - the one that gave you a mind, like the mean old man had. But he didn't tell the second plaything.

Harry saw that this poor second thing was foolish, and pointed out that the mean old man had only addressed his lie to the first plaything.

She ate the fruit and gave it to her partner.

They gained awareness, and realized they were standing around naked. They put some clothes on.

The mean old man showed up.

"Where were you?" He asked.

"You scared us," they said.

The mean old man removed Harry's legs, and cast a magical spell on the woman to make her most precious activity immensely painful, and made her partner master over her.

Then he kicked the couple out of the cage, and set a nasty beast to guard it.

The end.