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Tale Worlds of Wisdom (TaleWOW) brings together a group of people to create a storytelling environment. Here, we adventure and explore, discovering our values.

TaleWOW is like a public garden for stories. Plant a story seed, watch it grow!

What kind of stories?[edit]

TaleWOW features a very wide diversity of stories. In genres from parables to adventure to romantic comedy to science fiction, we explore many topics. While the central theme of Worlds O Wisdom is to develop new philosophy, we believe that many different types of story can inform our values, even non-obviously moral tales. The interactive style in which readers choose paths effectively reflects the moral background of our stories and our lives, while matching well with our technology.

We welcome and encourage you to read our stories, contribute, and start new ones of your own.

Why TaleWOW?[edit]

TaleWOW lets us get together to tell stories collaboratively. With it, we can explore new times, places, senses, ideas, dimensions, angles: new worlds. Storytelling is an ancient art, which we have used to share entertainment and information. Now, with new digital interactive tools, we can apply new techniques to gain even more from storytelling. A modern format lets us teach and learn, laugh and cry, and discover new ways of living.

Through this highly interactive environment, we can create and develop thoroughly novel narratives. Everything from characters to inventory items to environments can adapt to our interests.

Please send feedback to tale@worldsowisdom.com.