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Story ideas, for development into future stories!

Story ideas, for development into future stories!
Story ideas, for development into future stories!
  • A humpback whale gives birth to a cow. The story of the offspring.
  • A man learns the reason why the world is as it is.
  • The birth of spoken language.
    • Rudyard Kipling wrote a short story describing the birth of written language.
  • A time when languages like Spanish no longer use pointless genders, and other archaic grammar.
  • In the near future, when love and war have escalated to new heights. Casual flirting involves the use of multiple payload nuclear weaponry.
  • Moo Dat: Life on a New Orleans dairy farm.
  • America Day: When people actually do free things like have the kinds of love and sex that are now barely legal.
  • What if insects were cute and fuzzy?
  • Destroying human prehistory.
  • The Ur-Genius: An unusually smart man born in archaic times, who insightfully sees or creates much of human history that follows. Inspired in part by an Ancient Egyptian sculpture found at a burial site.
  • Still Alive: A person appears to be dead, yet subtle tests at the hospital reveal that the person is actually alive. Unable to move or speak or otherwise communicate, the person's only way to communicate with the outside world is through special equipment that reads brainwaves. What adventures go on in the person's mind - and, through the machine, what adventures take place in the world outside?
  • Moving Together: A science fiction story in which people's thoughts control not only their own bodies, but also other people's bodies.
  • What would happen if a famous dead person were alive today?
  • Space princess rules with love and kindness.
  • Invisible realms...
    • Places that we can't see with our senses... e.g. the lives of bats, or if we could sense electric fields...
  • Being Bill: William Shakespeare in English class at school...
  • Working sea otters, with their cracking rocks in their overall pockets... [1]
    • And lots of other smart animals...
    • Alternative history: elephants evolve symbolic language/etc. first instead of humans...