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Once upon a time there was a space princess. She was very beautiful, of course, but that didn't really matter to her. You see, all princesses, especially space princesses, have to be beautiful. But she wanted something else, something more. So for her it was of greater importance that she was kind, wise, thoughtful, and artistic. And she was all of these things.

The space princess at first ruled only a small parcel in a distant nebula. However, as she continued to work the space, she managed to grow many colorful swirls of hydrogenacious space dust, which she formed into great bands of rollercoaster-like rides. And all of her loyal servants and subjects would gratefully and gleefully ride along.

One of her subjects was a humble space farmer named Jolly Old Jim. Jim, as he liked to be known, lived on a rounding planet, and its adjoining roundish moon.

Eying the sky, Jolly Old Jim, or Jim as he liked to be called, cast his mind over to the purple-white star spikes of Her Highness' home planet. This was of course well over in a sector closer to her heart.

"What's the point of all this?" her mind wondered over at Jim, aimlessly. She was given to these forlorn moments amidst her usual schedule of upbeat plumery.

And as the planetary seas rose and fell, Jolly Old Jim sat upright forthrightly declaring: "The point, my darling your highness, is of course for us to prosper. And properly speaking, that requires us to look less forlornly and more longlingly towards our future. Of the realm!"

And saying these words Jim brought a smile to the Space Princess's beautiful face, even though her beauty wasn't all that important to her. More importantly, it brought the spark of knowledge and wit and wisdom to her glowing inner mental life.

All of a sudden she had an idea! "Let's dash off dashingly and fly for the place where ponds talk and trees listen and let's dance with the frogs."

"Very well, then," agree good old Jolly Old Jim.

So they flew. Far off down the spaceway, they heard an old frogsong. Listening gleefully to the croak-croak-croaking, they jumped at the chance to have dance.

"Leap ye to it!" declared Her Highness the Space Princess. And the frog complied merrily.

Jolly Old Jim had an idea. "Why don't we take gentleman frog on a cosmic vision quest around the corner then?"

"Aye, right, good idea," agreed Her Royal Highness the Space Princess.