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The wonderfully funderfully thing about flowingly floating through air and space is the feeling itself. It's a mvoement, a motion. A kind of going, of change. Life starts off one way. Then we do things. And it changes into other things.

We can harmonzie, which involves the like doingness of thingz in different wayz.


Well, there we go. It's like a gizmo.

So…. Together we can ride the waves of turbulent patterns.


And form there we can create anew.

From nothing, something!

Like magic, we waffle about a while, and eventuially out comes a clean orderly pancake.

From the simple little thigns in life, we can build up the complex bigger things in life. Giving birth to structurally ; new life!

A new day[edit]

Each day we grow another wing, soon we'll fly freely!


A mouthful[edit]


"What should I Eat?" a thought says to you.

"I have multiple ideas," you say to it backwardsly:

"And there's oh so much more to say think do believe etc.!" You say aloudly.

"Well ok then let's take this one at a time," your thought says back to you, openmindfully.

There are many roads opening out in front of you. Which ones do you take?

Let's start by linking up with existing placetimez.



Sometimes thingz come up, and ya gotta deal with them.

In the meantime, there are ever o so many wayz to go!!!


Basically, we were delibaretly deliberating on which wayz to go re eatums.

Which wayz should we go?


How about... keep on eating meat for nutrition and delicion.

What about the poor cows?

Well they get nice long lives anywayz and it's part of this big thing of growing together big and strong and happy and free.

What about the poor cows?

I guess that's the way thingz go herenow...


Next then soon also forthcomingly.

Eat!!! :)

Yummy foofdz.

They're good for you.

They make you grow.

Bigger and better and happier and faster and farther and higher oh my!!! :)


Think Globally, Act Locally?[edit]

Sometimes, I wonder.

Sometimes, you wonder.

Sometimes, we wonder together.

Regardless, ocassionally when the muzik comes it brings out a new wave of emotinal thoughtbringing wondering if we should do this that or th'other.

Either way, it's a way!

OK! :)

What's Next?[edit]

We're going to try creating peaceful environments. This itself is a challenge. Let's do so anywayz.

Moving Tumoilly[edit]

Well anywayz here we go again, might as well ahve a good dig n go at er! :)

Basically we've got all kinds of things going on, and sometimes we'll just kind of dive right through the turmoil, as it were. So let's look at it invertationally, and understand conceptuationally that we have here a grouping of fellow syndicants who create a kind of Coriolis-like spiral action, like what w'ell call a corkscrew driver. And then comes the third pitch and it's high and inside, and hte batter swings, and misses! Strike three! He's out! Close call at the plate.

Oh boy, do I ever have fond memories of listening to baseball broadcasts on radio, and following along and imagining all the brilliant playz in my head.

I think any radio play, really. They sure are magical, those voices in the old noggin. They inform and warm, altogether at once. And that's lovely! :)

WOW! :)

Smoothing out the Edges[edit]

Let's go!!! :)

Sometimes it takes an act of courageously swalloiwing and clearing your throat in order to get along and deal with the stuff that matters and energizes. Basically it takes a little bit of clarity in the old heady in order to see where you're going and what to do nexto. See what I mean? There ya go! :)

Next Let's Go for a Ride! :)

Anyone want to figure this one out? A cow, a brontosaurus rex, and a king kong walk into the water. Each one carries three sponges, one blue, two red, three go! :)

So here we go now, all aglitter with noticings and noticements and establishments and other mints. Like breathments! I like breathments.

A partchment. of Paper. And then: another writing exercise handed out to the class by the teacher. And what do we get? Straight ABCs! :)

SO let's just like let these other people go about their business, and deal with our own.

Thus said the dealmaker, and the deal was done.

So let's carry on then, and we'll be all right! :)

WOW! :)