Phase Q/New Ways

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A very new day, to start learning new ways.

Now that you are in this possibly sensical possibly not metaphysical context, it seems like a good opportunity to take action.

And it’s quite a treat. You flip for joy, with your jewelry dangling in the air.

The flowers grow abundantly here, yielding an array of fruits. Each fruit has its own aroma. You try one that brings you up with joy. Your status bar for emotions jumps up accordingly. Highly efficient joyons flood your mentalstrate.

High-pitched airfillers scream through the field of feel. A mix of more moderate colorstreams add balance, while a giganticant rumbles in the background.

Should you keep going forward and onward and upward and outward? Or just settle down where you are? Or explore the oblivion of an obscure world?

Thoughtapses fire away in your mentalstrate. Cycles spin.

As much as you enjoy the rest from action, the neighboring worlds are starting to push up against your world's borders. It has an effect of bulging at the edges of reality. You also feel a slightly increased pressure.

The noises give you some ideas. As the mid- and long-period noises vibrate without perceptibly shifting, your mentalstrate roughly bounces along at a similar pace. The odd jostle, usually a sharper disruption, catches your attention. Often it has nothing to do with your K-train of thought, although sometimes you take a wild swingride and follow through to a new path.

And that’s how you wind up thinking it could be worthwhile to spend a nice little holiday on the Island.

You don’t even have to stay long, you tell yourself. Surely there are other accessible worlds from there, nearby. Surely you can choose when to leave.

With a whistle, you rematerialize on the Island. As you arrive, a feast is underway. The tribal villagers have caught another boar, and are dancing joyously in circles around the dead beast.

Somehow, the putrid flesh seems fresh to you. With the wood smoke rising up from the fire, you feel longings for a simpler time, and you find satisfaction in becoming part of the scene, at least for now.

As you approach, the smell of burning flesh enters your mentalstrate, and you feel a mixture of extreme desire to eat along with some kind of remorse.

Something feels kind of off, or funny.

Maybe some dancing will help, so you cast off your clothing, take a massive hit of the substance that villagers are passing around and vaping, and throw away your inhibitions. Wild music shoots through your veins. Laughter and screams fill the air. You jump up and down and all around, partying with the tribe.

Still feeling a bit off, you get slightly dizzy and sick in your stomach. A watcher hands you a bottle, and you take a giant swig. It doesn’t help.

Stumbling over to the fire, you crouch down beside a mama. Next to the spit, you see a suit of clothes neatly laid out. On top, a flower and a few mementoes and other decorative items.

Then it hits you. You hurl. Up close, you see that it’s no boar on the fire. It’s the businessman.

Phase Q: An interactive adventure.