Jungle Loving

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Trunkey's many limbs got quite busy all over Chichita's body.

Trunkey came swooping through the jungle, madly yelling swear words at all who would listen. With tail swinging from branch to branch, while all four arms grasped wildly around, Trunkey scoped out the trees ahead. His trunk, alert, sniffed the air, carrying odors and romantic signals swiftly down the length from tip to face.

"What is this?" his scent processing center thought to itself. "Oh, yeah!"

Energized with lust, Trunkey pounced after his target. Leaves brushed aside as he burst through.

There, sitting lazily on a spread of rich banana leaves, she sat.

The cool trees shaded her heaving bosom. Little drops of dew glistened on her six heavy breasts.

Chichita sipped on a coconut shell.

Swinging down from the branches, in one sweet swoop, Trunkey leapt upon her voluptuous body.

Never caught off-guard, Chichita suavely welcomed him with a warm, wet embrace.

Trunkey's many limbs got quite busy all over Chichita's body. She seemed to be everywhere he wanted her to be.

Together, in the clearing in the jungle, they made loves.

Between the two of them, some twelve limbs and various miscellaneous appendages played new games.

A trumpet-like roar jumped out of Trunkey's erect trunk.

The jungle shook.

Birds sang a bit, and plants and animals listened in…