Court Day

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"Look, you're at a stage in life where you still have childish dreams, yet you also have adult capabilities," lectures the judge sternly at the girl. "Now when you make mistakes, they are costly to society. You can't get away with it anymore."

"I didn't make a mistake--" blurts out the girl, as her attorney hastens to restrain her.

"You made a mistake, and you will face the punishment," says the judge. "For sending threatening letters to the animal research laboratories on campus, I hereby sentence you to two months in prison, and community service. The guard will show you to your cell."

After the trial, the lawyers file their paperwork. The judge changes into his street clothes, and speaks to his assistant. "Ready for lunch? I was thinking the burger place today."

In low orbit, an alien robot craft hovers. The monsters on board, Zorgo and Wiggox, communicate with each other through radio signals.

"Did he sentence her to prison?" asks Zorgo.

"Yes," says Wiggox.

"For threatening to harm a Homo sapiens?"


"And then he went out and paid to eat the flesh of a murdered Bos taurus?"


"But aren't they both biological organisms of level three sentience?"



"Look, it's Earth. It doesn't make sense."