A Rainy Day for Dolphins

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A Rainy Day for Dolphins: A story of adventure and growth.

In the Dolphinhood[edit]

In a little puddle of the ocean, way out where even fishermen dare not go, there lived a pod of dolphins. The pod called their home Dolphinhood, a lovely little neighborhood.

There were around twenty-four or thirty-six dolphins in the pod, the number changing over time. During one summer of sunshine, five new kinds of fish arrived in Dolphinhood.

In this summer, a group of four dolphins became close friends within the pod, getting to know each other especially well. They were young and adventurous dolphins, and they liked to spend time together.

There was Tom, a strong and agile swimmer. Tom often led the way, fearlessly bouncing around through Dolphinhood.

Tom's best friend was Lucy, a nice and friendly dolphinette. Lucy enjoyed going where Tom went, and helping other dolphins come along.

Another dolphinette was Bethany, who boldly did as she pleased. Bethany had a great sense of where she and others were going.

And always around was Jaime, a cute and loving dolphin. Jaime went where the others went, eager to lend a helping fin.