What is LifeWOW?

LifeFLOWLife Worlds O Wisdom (LifeWOW) is a wonderfully exciting new project, in which we create the new kind of garden! As part of Worlds O Wisdom, LifeWOW enables us to explore life itself collaboratively. We create and share new contexts and agents who flow in different media.

"Congratulations, very well done." - Dr. Adrian Bejan, recipient of 18 honorary doctorates in 11 countries, author of 30 books and over 600 scientific articles, professor of engineering at Duke University.

A scientific way to describe LifeWOW is as "hylozoological gardens", which means playing with different parts of existence. We create fanciful organizations of matter, including dynamic art (LifePALETTE), digital interactive machines (LifeFLOW), 3D animations (LifeSTORY), and mechanical containers (LifeTUBS). We also collect and organize our cultures (LifeBANK). Have a fun day at the hylozoo!

With LifeWOW, we explore how living energy evolves everywhere in our universe.

"Il faut cultiver notre jardin." ("One must cultivate our garden.") - Voltaire, Candide

"Tout est notre jardin." ("Everything is our garden.") - Eagle, LifeWOW