Realize your dreams!

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Code: Realize your dreams!
Agent Has agent::you
Guidance Has guidance::should
Action Do action::realize your dreams!
Condition ,|x|Has condition::x}}
Goal ,|x|In order to::x}}
Source ,|x|According to::x}}
Question ,|x|Answers question::x}}

You should realize your dreams!

We all have dreams, which represent or reflect our ideals of better worlds. We can accomplish our goals, and create lives according to our values, by living our dreams.

Dreams are a powerful source of inspiration.

When you dream, you initiate a new worldview. This is the basis for change in our worlds.

Do you want to grow? Do you want to turn your imagination into your home?

Then realize your dreams!

How to realize dreams[edit]

There are many ways to realize dreams, the specific details depend on which kind of dream we are talking about. Generally speaking, you can realize your dreams by taking little baby steps towards them, bit by bit. Gradually, you will grow into the shape of your life.