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Welcome to Code Worlds of Wisdom (CodeWOW)!

CodeWOW enables us to develop collaborative new philosophy.

This site enables you and many like-minded people to get together and collaboratively develop new philosophy.

To use CodeWOW, please browse around, ask a question, and add a code!

You are welcome to ask any kind of moral or ethical question. Very generally, you could ask: What should you do? More specifically, you could ask, for example: What kind of diet should you eat?

We look forward to further growth together!

New codes!

Below are the most recently edited codes. Each code describes a specific action that a source recommends.

Most recently edited codes!Answers question
Balance!What should you do?
How should I live?
How hard should you work?
You should compare prospective schools and your desires when returningWhat school should a person go to?
How should a returning student start?
Leave MiamiWhat should you do?
When should you leave Miami?
Eagle should leave Miami after MayWhen should Eagle leave Miami?
Get moneyWhat should you do?
Should you get money?
Start!What should you do?
Eagle should leave Miami by MayWhen should Eagle leave Miami?
Live gratefullyWhat should you do?
How should you live?
How should you receive gifts?
A youth who has been kicked out of the house should first secure the basics of life, then decide on a new course, and go forth.What should a youth who has been kicked out of the house do?
Hungry people should eat peanut butter sandwiches!What should you do?
What should hungry people eat?
How should you eat peanut butter?
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Open questions

Below are the most recently edited questions. Each one asks for guidance.

Most recently edited questions!Goals
What should Eagle do to make Year 5 the best yet?Success
Make it the best year yet
Have fun
Enjoy life!
Share the good times
Make money
Live a full and balanced life
Live a healthy life
Live harmoniously with nature
When should Eagle leave Miami?Enjoy Miami
Wrap up super-cool projects
Get to the northeastern USA
Live a full and balanced life
What should a youth who has been kicked out of the house do?Survive
Get back on one's feet
Accomplish goals
What should you do?Success
What should you eat?Success
Enjoy life and gain energy
Should you build on strengths or manage weaknesses?Success
Live a full and balanced life
What should you do for money?Get money
What should Eagle do professionally after Astrotripping?Make money
Enjoy work
Enjoy life!
Make good use of his bountiful talents
What should A do professionally after receiving a job offer in July 2015?Save money
Move to the beach
Enjoy work
Have freedom
Earn a good salary
Which way should Eagle go to Memphis?Success
Roll with the flow
Enjoy life!
Rock & roll!
... more questions

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New systems!

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