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Code Worlds of Wisdom (CodeWOW) brings together a group of people to create moral and ethical codes. Here, we explore behaviors, discovering our values.

In a sense, we can view moral and ethical codes as digital information. Like other digital information, such as music or movies or books or software, we can edit and collaborate with each other. Here, we are all moral coders, ethical engineers. Does that sound scary? It is! This is what life is all about.

At CodeWOW, we take on the big questions. What gives life meaning? What is your destiny? We believe that people -- moral agents -- create destiny, define the future, live life, in the context of our conditions and our tools. By taking on these open questions, we aim to improve our understanding and our ability to change the fundamental values of our lives.

What to do[edit]

You can read existing philosophy, contribute suggestions, start your own philosophy, or join a group philosophy.

At this point, we have many existing codes, springing from our history. In billions of years of cosmic evolution, and millions of years of biological evolution, and thousands of years of cultural evolution, we have developed techniques of living that serve us well in various environments. Now, with ongoing advances in technology, we face many situations for which traditional wisdom falls short. As our community continues to grow, we face new difficulties, and we need new techniques of living.

CodeWOW covers what we think is in the future, what we think should be in the future, and what to do in order to create the future that we want.

We welcome your contributions!

What is a code?[edit]

A code of behavior describes what a person, or moral agent, should do. A code can be as simple as Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, or as complicated as the complex set of laws and customs prevalent in a modern technical society. Here you can develop new codes that help to define values and achieve goals in the modern world.

Behavioral codes apply to agents of any type, from individual humans, or other sentient creatures, through societies and civilizations. Which moral and ethical codes do you choose? You can browse existing codes, mix and match, and create your own. Codes come in many different types. Relatively simple agents use built-in or hardwired behavioral codes, such as basic biological or computational creatures. More flexible architectures allow for the application of codes from other sources, such as the cultural behaviors in humans. Social norms include informal habits such as greetings, and more systematic developments such as religious or political traditions.

Now, with the development of today's technosocial civilization, we still mostly use ancient philosophical codes that stem from previous worldviews. Some of our biological and cultural codes can still serve us well, while others could use updating or replacing. CodeWOW lets us recreate new worldviews that suit our current age, and prepare us for the future.

How can I contribute?[edit]

First and foremost, you can code a philosophy.

We welcome you to contribute your own point of view. Your beliefs matter. Overall, we want you to share your personal philosophy, and the philosophy of your social groups, while helping other people to develop their own philosophies.

For more information on contributing, please see our contributor guidelines.

Why CodeWOW?[edit]

We want to build a world in which people act towards their own critical values. Our mission is to enable people to understand and realize our dreams. We help guide people in moving around the world.

In any specific sphere of life, for example dealing with cars, work, technology, or relationships, we intuitively recognize that what we put in affects what get out. Doesn't this apply in life generally? When it comes to the deepest or highest questions, our life meanings, why do we so often abandon responsibility and do nothing, or let happen what may, or rely on arbitrary and unreliable sources?

In these questions, above all, shouldn't we delve into the details of what codes we should live by?

According to CodeWOW, yes, we should!

With CodeWOW, we can live better: smarter, faster, better, harder, stronger. Creating new lifestyles!

Modern, digital philosophy[edit]

Previous philosophies lack the modern data-driven method that CodeWOW brings to the game. Now we're dealing with the possibility of many, many moral and ethical data points, rather than the traditional handfuls.

Basically, now, through today's information technology, we can incorporate many different personal worldviews. Integrating them all yields a new, far more fine-grained and powerful and overall representative philosophy, compared against yesterday's weaker, traditional, artisanal philosophies.

What else?[edit]

We recognize many different philosophical approaches, some competing and some complementary. Generally, we take a relatively material approach, on the basis of the material presuppositions and tools that we bring to this quest. We also recognize many challenges, such as previous failures in efforts to engineer better ways of life. However, overall we have a positive perspective, in our belief that critical efforts can yield improvements in our knowledge and skill at fulfilling our own values.

CodeWOW uses semantic software. As such, we can characterize CodeWOW as collaborative computational moral data management.

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