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A youth who has been kicked out of the house should first secure the basics of life, then decide on a new course, and go forth. +Be responsible  +, Survive  +, Live a healthy life  +
Adapt +Success  +, Roll with the flow  +, Learn  +,


Balance constructivity and criticality +Success  +
Balance! +Success  +, Live a full and balanced life  +, Maintain and enhance health  +
Be responsible +Success  +, Improve yourself  +, Realize your dreams!  +


Do what you want +Success  +
Do what you want anyways! +Success  +, Accomplish goals  +, Lead a meaningful life  +
Do work that lets you love your lifestyle +Success  +, Love your lifestyle  +, Make money  +,


Eagle should add code links to questions +Success  +
Eagle should build wonderful things materially! +Success  +, Enjoy life!  +, Enjoy work  +,
Eagle should create cool improvements generally in order to spread joy according to Eagle +Spread joy  +
Eagle should go to Memphis on a rock'n'roll route! +Success  +, Get to Memphis  +, Have fun  +,
Eagle should leave Miami after May +Success  +, Enjoy Miami  +, Enjoy life!  +,
Eagle should leave Miami by May +Success  +, Go cool places  +, Meet cool people  +,
Eagle should make a test class, using aggregation and an infobox, to learn the best format. +Learn the best format  +
Eagle should wrap up his super-cool projects! +Success  +, Live a full and balanced life  +, Life a wonderful life  +
Eagle should write another draft of Astrotripping +Success  +, Finish writing Astrotripping  +
Eat frog's legs +Success  +, Try frog's legs  +
Eat plentiful protein +Success  +, Rebuild the structure of your body  +, Support and enhance overall health  +,
Eat shrimp +Success  +
Eat spaghetti +Enjoy life and gain energy  +
Eat tacos +Success  +
Eat vegetables +Success  +, Enjoy life and gain energy  +, Live a healthy life  +
Edit CodeWOW +Success  +, Have fun  +
Edit query options +Success  +
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