Accounts and anti-spam

We've recently changed our anti-spam system. It now performs considerably better, and should reduce spam and related problems. If you've signed up and have any issues, please send an e-mail to and we will sort it out as soon as possible!

Image ads

The ads now display graphics, instead of text. We'll keep adjusting how we do things. Please let us know how we're doing!

New contents

I added and edited some articles at the WOWs. This includes new pages, categories, and improvements to templates.
Lots more happening, there's so much underway that it'll take some time to develop fully.
Overall, we're feeling like it's a really exciting time!

Layout improvements

Redid the design layout for this main site, to make it easier.
More happening!

More updates in Texas

Adding further content and structure to WOW, currently in Cotulla, Texas. It's a gray, rainy day here.
Started more ad campaigns for TaleWOW and CodeWOW.
Next, more editing!


Writing in Pleasanton, Texas, home of the cowboy!
WOW, including CodeWOW and TaleWOW, now features advertisements.
More updates on the way!


Now in San Antonio, Texas!!!
It's been an exciting year to get started and running with WOW!
Lots more in the upcoming year.
Hope everyone's had a great time, and many good times to come!
Happy New Year!!!

More updates!

Adding a few minor cleanups in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico!!!
Also, starting a few advertising campaigns!


After a while with various administrative efforts, I've cleaned up the spam situation at TaleWOW!
I also made some improvements at CodeWOW.
We'll see how the updates hold against further spammers...
Now with the new protections, including CAPTCHA systems to block spammers, the WOWs are open to editing again.
Writing from beautiful Del Rio, Texas, USA!!!



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