Add images!

I added a few images around the WOWs, as well as a Wowl here to the front page.

More updates!

Added a bit at the WOWs, next gonna do a bit of design upgrading...


Added a few images to the WOWs, including some cover pictures.
More to come!

Write more Tranquility

Today I wrote more pages in Tranquility!

New page in Tranquility

Today I wrote another page in Tranquility: Why?
In a beautiful library in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Quick update!

Just added a bit more to CodeWOW.
Now in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico!

Add codes

Did a bunch of editing on CodeWOW. Lots of new general info and specific questions and answers!

Quick updates

Added a bit more content at the WOWs, including questions at CodeWOW and story elements at TaleWOW.
Currently listening to some country music at a BBQ chain in Laredo, Texas.

Lots more contents!!!

I added substantial new content to various parts of the WOWs: CodeWOW and TaleWOW.
Listening to lots of Mexican music, and writing in front of a waterfall, in Laredo, Texas, USA.
Just hitchhiked in last night from Cotulla, after some bike problems that proved beyond my capability to repair, with the available parts from a closing-down store. Anyway, now back up and rolling!
What's next?!?!

Add sharing!

The WOWs now have sharing buttons, so you can share all your codes and tales on Facebook, Google, and so on.
I've now shared the story One Rose Too Many on Facebook.



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