LifeFLOW v0.8!!!!!!! :)

Check out the new super release which includes many cool features! :)

A hardware aquarium or terrarium stocked with biological creatures will set you back hundreds of dollars. Why not try a more economical digital vivarium today?! :)
You can see the newest addition to the LifeBANK here! :)
Play with LifeFLOW yourself at! :)
Rock & Roll!!! :)
P.S. Mornings are for sleeeeeeeeeeeping! :)

LifeFLOW v0.6!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Happy to announce the first public release of LifeFLOW! :)

After a bunch of behind-the-scenes development, this marks the first public release of LifeFLOW!!! :)

We now have a number of creaturez 'n' featurez, and we're still just getting started!!! :)

Play today and let us know your thoughts, then get involved with the code, art, communication, and other aspects of the coolest software on the planet!!! :)

PLAY NOW!!! :)

Extral! :)

Introducing the coolest new creatural additionz over at LifeFLOW!!! :)
The extral complemens the ultral, and together they make for a fun team! :)
Watch as the extral chases other creatures (including other extral creatures) about the play area! :)
You can check out a representative sample at LifeBANK, and you can play with them yourself at LifeFLOW! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!! :)

Cool new new creatures @ LifeFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Introducing some sweet new friends over at LifeFLOW!!!!!!!! :)
You can play with these yourself in the new version of LifeFLOW, and you can also see some finely preserved specimens at LifeBANK! :)
Check out the bestiary now! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LifePALETTE v0.6!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Happy to announce version 0.6 of LifePALETTE! :)
You can download and play with the dynamic art garden at GitHub! :)
Have fun! :)

Rock & Roll!!! :)

Halfway There!!! :)

WOW! :)
After lots of development, we're at version 0.5 of both LifeFLOW and LifePALETTE. The two projects present the LifeWOW concept in somewhat different 2D software formats. This marks around the halfway point to getting a feature-stable, fully usable release ready! :)

You can go ahead and play with these now, and please let us know of any questions or suggestions for improvements! :)
Many thanks to everyone involved in the development of these products, and please enjoy playing!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Another bite at TaleWOW!!!!!!

I wrote a new joke:

I went to a Chinese restaurant with my autistic friend. A German couple behind us sent back a bowl of soup with a hair in it. My friend goes, "Why do people complain when they get a hair in their soup? Didn't they go out to eat?"

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!! :)

LifePALETTE improvements!!! :)

We have a wonderful new version of LifePALETTE available!!! :)
Download and play it at the GitHub release!!! :)

You can currently use this on Windows, Mac, or Linux. All support 64 bits.
Here is a sample object at LifeBANK.

Give it a go! :)
Rock & Roll!!! :)



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