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LifeFLOW3D 53! :)

Another new version! :)
Now loads up with a menu, has a new scene, and more...
Download now! :)

Rock & Roll! :)

LifeFLOW3D 42! :)

Another new release! :)
This one introduces a new menu (press M, although it's still a work in progress), and various other features... More on the way! :)
Download and play here:

Rock & Roll! :)


Playing around:

Rock & Roll! :)

LifeFLOW3D 28! :)

Now your avatar's a bit cuter, there are some ant-like creatures, the interactions are a bit cooler, and there are a few new controls:
Arrow keys: Move avatar
1, 2: Switch camera angle
Ctrl-R: Restart game

Please download and play
, and send any feedback to eagle@eaglegamma.com.
Rock & Roll!

Missed photo op

Yesterday as I walked along the beach path, I got to an entrance to the dog part. A cat was sitting condescendingly within a sign that said "Dog park closed after 3 pm". As I reached for my camera, someone walked right by and the cat leapt away before I could snap a photo. Sorry, internet! :)

A recent conversation


Me: "I don't see regular coffee on your menu."
Barista: "Oh, we changed our menu."
Me: "So where is it now?"
Barista: "It's not on our menu."
(You can still get it, but by special request.)

LifeFLOW3D 14! :)

A brand new playable version of LifeFLOW3D is out! :)
You can download it here.

Still pretty basic. Should work on Windows. Move around with the arrow keys. Lots more to come...

Rock & Roll! :)

Franky the Fantatsic Worm! :)

Check out the new video:

Rock & Roll! :)

Electric Bicycle!!! :)

Yay! :)
After lots and lots of thinking, reading, trying, buying, assembling, testing, fixing, replacing, adjusting, etc., I've got an electric bicycle! :)
It still has some kinks to work out. :)

Rock & Roll!!! :)

BikeWOW!!! :)

Enjoy the new BikeWOW! :)

We are a community of traveling bicycle riders. We use our pedal power to go from place to place.

Also, please donate to Mexican reconstruction, and buy Mexican! :)

Rock & Roll!!! :)



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