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LIFE: Adventure!!! :)

Episode two of LIFE is here!!! :)
Watch below, Adventure:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Augusto el dragon comodo - nueva version!!! :)

Hay nueva version del cuento! :)

Habia una vez un dragon. Estaba muy comodo, abajo del sol con un logar donde sentarse.

"A gusto?" le pregunto su amiga, una dragona.

"Que?" contesto el dragon.

"A gusto?!"

"Si! Augusto..."

Te gusta Augusto?! :)
Rocanrol!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Beautiful New England!!! :)

Riding through more Massachusetts, with views like these:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!! :)

Augusto el dragon comodo

Nueva cuenta a TaleWOW! :)
Augusto el dragon comodo

Rocanrol! :)

There once was a man from Nantasket...

Writing from Nantasket Beach, Massachussets! :)
Some riding in the beautiful fall foliage, some fires, and some more cool things! :)

BTW came across this funny book:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE - Rebirth - Planets scene in slow motion! :)

Here is the full version of the planetary scene from the first episode of LIFE:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Bentley Academy Charter School

With many thanks, I had the chance to speak at Bentley Academy Charter School in Salem, MA!

We talked about space science and bicycle travels, and had the first group screening -- the world premiere! -- of LIFE:

The scholars asked lots of smart questions, and shared many thoughtful comments.
Happy Halloween!

Salem Witches! :)



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