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Keepin' cooler:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sunshine! :)

Keepin' cool:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Open Coconut! :)

a freshly open coconut (using only a small Walmart knife!):

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE: Integrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Watch the new episode:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE: Order!!!!!!!!!! :)

Enjoy the new episode of LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE: Season One! :)

Here is a new playlist for the whole season. A couple of episodes remain at this point. Enjoy! :)

Rock & Roll! :)

LIFE: Complexity!!!!!!!! :)

A brand new episode of LIFE, in which TEM investigates the universe:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!! :)

Happy New Year from Miami!!!!!!!!!!! :)

After a beautiful summer up and down the east coast of the USA, now back in Miami, Florida!!! :)

Here is the new travel map:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE: Movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Episode eight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!! :)

The Whatifasaurus! :)

Read the new TaleWOW story, the Whatifasaurus! :)

Once upon a time, there was a dinosaur, a special kind called a whatifasaurus, who liked to ask questions beginning with "What if?"

For example, if it were raining outside, the dinosaur might ask, "What if it were sunny instead?"

Or if it were sunny outside, the dinosaur might ask, "What if it were cloudy instead?"

The whatifasaurus had four plodding big legs. It was an all right way to get around, as far as getting around slowly goes.

But this whatifasaurus wanted to go fast.

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!! :)



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