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Recently Reading: Design in Nature

Design in Nature: How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology, and Social Organization

The book provides a very good general introduction to constructal theory. This is the best book I've read in ages.

The main idea is that everything in nature, including us, grows in the quality of its flows, according to a physical law. This resembles and complements thermodynamics. Despite the abstractness of the idea, it has relevance throughout realms of everyday life.

I think this is the most beautiful idea I've ever come across.

New forms @ CodeWOW!

Added new form functionality, which makes it extremely easy to add and edit codes at CodeWOW.
The first major form is here:
Give it a whirl!!!


So, still in Lafayette, a really wonderful place!!!
Just updated the software at CodeWOW!!!
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And more...

Having an awesome time and meeting awesome people in awesome Lafayette, Louisiana!!!

More adventures in Lafayette!

My new home! :-)
Some southern foods today:
Baconated turnip greens, with cheese sauce, and tea. Yummy!
Shrimp po' boy, with Tabasco sauce and Creole seasoning. Yummy!
Also, wrote lots more Astrotripping!!!
Beautiful day!
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today I tried crawfish etouffee over rice.
An etouffee is like a creamy stew, starting with a roux.


Recently reading: Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nothing to cheer you up like a nineteenth century German nihilist. No, seriously!!!

And a few quick updates

Added some more lines to TaleWOW.
Also, improved the antispam features, so now comments should be smoother.
This is post number 100!!!
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found it!

So, time for a big announcement.
I have decided to stop my travels. As of now, I will settle down here in Lafayette, Louisiana. Already I have found a position doing some accounting work. The people here are very welcoming, and I feel at home. Something in the air has really captivated me. The food tastes great, the flowers are beautiful, and I like the quiet pace of life.
Thank you for supporting me in my travels. Now in this time of transition, it will be a period of adjustment. I'm going to start by taking a few days, maybe weeks, off, and just do nothing but veg out. This should give me a chance to catch up on many of the thoughts and emotions that have been swirling through my mind over the last couple of years. Afterwards, it'll be time to start looking for a more permanent place. Who knows, maybe a house?
Anyway! Now, to set my schedule for this time next year... :)

Lafayette, Louisiana!

What a lovely city!
The natural scenery is utterly beautiful, and the people here generally seem really beautiful and friendly too.
There's a livable central area, unlike a lot of American cities, and it also has a spacious extent.
All the roads in Louisiana have along the sides colorful beads from Mardi Gras. I also occasionally come across a parked parade float. One yard here in Lafayette even has lots of colorful beads in place of leaves on its trees!
Occasionally, the way I speak English differs from the way locals speak English, to the point of confusion, e.g. Louisianan: "...boiled shrimp..." me: "balled shrimp? is it in a ball?" Louisianan: "no, there's no ball, it's boiled."
A few more foods here include shrimp burgers, shrimp fried rice, (shrimp gumbo...), fried corn, jambalaya, po' boys, and more!
Lots of inspiration here, and I'm planning to spend a few days before carrying on.
The upcoming region also should be really great!



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