3D Pacman?

DIY knife from aluminum foil roll @ MudTribe!

Read my new piece at
How to make a Knife out of Aluminum Foil

Need a knife, but all you have is a roll of aluminum foil? Don’t worry, here’s how to forge one!


New game: SpaceWOW!

Play now!

The Island

New video:


Rock & Roll! :)


Digital Cabin!

Who wants to move into or help build my cabin? It's got stairs and a bookshelf!

LifeFLOW3D Digitarium version 2.0!

Happy to announce the new version of LifeFLOW3D: 2.0!
Here is the new main menu:

Level 9 now features far more creatures and environment to play with, including brand new organisms fusing different cell types...
Play now!

LifeFLOW3D: New Menu!

Here's video:

Here's a screenshot:

Rock & Roll! :)

New multicellular LifeFLOW3D organism! :)

A huge new advance in the evolution of synthetic life at LifeFLOW3D!

Rock & Roll!!! :)



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